Chef Never Ceases to Amaze

The man in charge of our Pacific Regent kitchen, Chef Gary White, started working here in July of 1998. We can use many words to describe Chef White, but the one we like to use most is fantastic! He’s a natural-born chef with a love for cooking. Gary says he works hard at turning out the meals that have won favor from Pacific Regent residents. He loves to cook and he loves to work every day, developing new recipes and presentations for his food.

He was introduced to cooking at the historic General Sutter Inn in Lititz, Pennsylvania where he started out as a dishwasher. When he left for California to join the Navy, he was the Assistant Chef at the Inn. Fortunately, friends talked him out of enlisting, so he returned to cooking. He polished his cooking skills at the Turf Club at Delmar Race Track and the La Jolla Country Club, where he then brought his wealth of cooking experience and passion for cooking to Pacific Regent 16 years ago.

More than just a wonderful chef, Gary loves to ride his motorcycle and offer his love and support to those in need. Over the Christmas holiday in 2012 he and biker friends, totaling approximately 6,000 of them, rode to Tijuana to distribute Christmas gifts. Prior to that, he learned of a sick young man in Carlsbad. A call went out and 2,000 bikers showed up to wish him well and shower him with get-well presents.

For many years Chef White has received the highest regard for his food not only from the residents and staff, but also from potential residents who attend our annual Taste of Pacific Regent event. A chef-prepared lunch and a chat with homeowners and community managers, you can just feel the warmth, charm and distinctive difference in our extraordinary community. Come by for a taste, we know you won’t be disappointed.


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